We know that trust is hard to earn
Transparency, demonstrating value quickly and doing whats right for the long-term relationship. Those are the principles we built Speka around

Key strengths that our customers
value the most

Predictable results
When software is essential to your business, you cannot leave it to chance. Reliability is everything and proven processes with right methodology are key to success. At Speka, we follow our custom development process which gives our teams a proven way to deliverIT projects within agreed metrics.
Rapid impact
We are a boutique, which means that you communicate directly withthe Founders. Our short decision-making process gives us the ability to influence development quickly. We will be able to change or correct the direction of work not in days, but in hours. And we only need 1 kickoff meeting to get started, no multi-level bureaucracy.
Flexible budget
We are experts. We carry out each task with high quality, so that you will never have to redo it again. We believe it's better to fix a few problems permanently than to fix many problems temporarily. We are ready to adapt to any budget. And for any budget, we will offer a list of solutions that can be done with high quality
Sole responsibility
We are a full-cycle, which means we help clients from design & development to media & advertising. This coverage helps us to havea greater impact on the bottom line, because each task is performed according to our proven methodology. In turn, the customer is more convenient to have 1 responsible executor than several executors accusing each other.
Creative & Commercial
A digital innovation agency needs to be creative at all times, but at the end of the day, a product needs to make commercial sense as well. By realizing that our designers’ dream should never become our developers’ nightmare, we create products that shine visually without compromising usability. Delivering on time and within budget at all times
Full Ownership
From the moment you make the payment all rights to all concepts and variations developed during your project, including the final designs pass to you. You will receive complete ownership of all assets, including source files, hosting admin logins etc. You will also have access to dozens of licenses, plugins and tools free of charge

Here's how we engage
with clients to bridge
the trust gap

Step 1
Less selling, more showing
We believe in demonstrating value early. That's why our sales process is designed around an audit. We’ll take 2-3 days to dive deep on a challenge your business is facing and share our fresh perspective. We want to show you what we can do and make sure that we’re flowing.
Step 2
Our pricing & engagement model is all about transparency. It's a core value because it goes a long way towards building trust. While rare in the agency world, we offer simple ways to get started and always propose 2 budgets, allowing you to have transparent pricing right from the start and as you scale
Starting at
Create a great company website that will fulfill every task assigned to it and be adaptive, functional, secure.
Starting at
Create a WOW company website, taking into account every detail of user interaction and possibly receive an award for the best niche website
Step 3
Learn, build, repeat
Speka is an entrepreneurial agency. Part of our reward is learning about new business models and challenging ourselves to add deeper value. That starts with onboarding and continues through the entire engagement

Deep onboarding

When we start working together we like to kick things off with lots of questions. We want to make sure we're in a position to add as much value as possible. That means investing a bit more in the onboarding process.

Precise communication

As we start to execute we'll work together to find the ideal cadence for design and engineering reviews. We’re happy to work more independently or shoulder-to-shoulder. Either way figuring out an efficient comms cadence is key

A bias for action

Our engagement is only a success if your business is growing. Ultimately that comes down to building and shipping great products that create an unfair advantage. That’s what we’re here to do, and our bias is to always move quickly.

The results won't
keep you waiting

+80 000
Visitors for a 6-month Ads campaign
+35 000
Visitors in a year after launch
Increase in conversion rate for credits
Increase in overall traffic
Filling of school teachers with students
Reducing the cost of customer acquisition
+30 000
Visitors for a 6-month SEO campaign
Increase in conversion rate for wall panels
+15 000
Live visitors after a 2-month campaign

Hear it from
our clients

Our partnership with Speka in shaping Gelios Capital's brand identity, encompassing not just the website but the entire visual essence, has been incredibly successful. Gelios Capital's website demonstrates a remarkable blend of professionalism, elegance, and functionality, effectively highlighting its engagement in renewable energy and real estate investments. Our interaction with Speka's team has been overwhelmingly positive, and we enthusiastically endorse them as trustworthy collaborators for both brand enhancement and website development.
Rostyslav Shurma ,
CEo "Gelios Capital"
Working with Speka to create our website for EvroDim has been a fantastic experience. Our website now stands out as a leader in the construction services market in Ukraine, all thanks to the expertise of Speka. We'd also like to extend our gratitude for their continuous advice, which played a pivotal role in our successful rebranding. Their guidance has been instrumental in shaping our brand's identity. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Speka on advertising initiatives and ongoing support. Their team is dependable and always ready to assist.
Pavlo Grigoryev ,
CEo "EvroDim"
Working with the team to create the online store and brand for my protein and online store was amazing. As a world junior champion and absolute European champion in bodybuilding, I needed a website that would emphasize my position and you did it at the highest level. The brand logo became the perfect symbol of my business, and the online store provided a great opportunity to sell products. Thanks guys.
Oleksandr Fedorov ,
Owner of "AF Nutrition"
Collaborating with the Speka agency to create a website for the "Likhtaryk" preparatory school was a pleasant and productive experience. Thanks to Speka's proposals to create internal subject pages and a blog, we were able to improve our SEO performance. During the design phase, they demonstrated flexibility and presented many interesting concepts. The result is one of the most interactive websites on the market. We are grateful for the work done! I also want to note that the contextual ads created by the Speka team works excellently and helps us attract new clients.
Evelina Degtyar ,
Founder, CEo "Likhtaryk"
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