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NUBIS - Software for your Hybrid
Digital Entertainment platform Nibis, a comprehensive event solution, was meticulously crafted by our agency from scratch to working app.

Освіта, Розваги
Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Platforms
Рік і нагороди
2019, First-class entertainment project

The Platform

Nubis integrates virtual and in-person experiences, offering seamless attendee engagement and comprehensive event management tools.
We believe entertainment and events should be boundaryless, merging virtual and physical worlds to create unforgettable experiences.

The Challenge

Key challenges included integrating virtual and physical components, ensuring scalability, implementing real-time communication features, and providing robust data analytics, all while maintaining high performance and security standards.

The Solution

To build the Nubis platform, we designed a comprehensive hybrid event solution. We seamlessly blended virtual and in-person elements, ensuring smooth scalability and robust performance.

Our team integrated advanced real-time communication features and implemented extensive data analytics capabilities. Rigorous security measures were put in place to protect user data and ensure a reliable, high-quality experience.

Our team created an intuitive, user-friendly interface and developed the core functionalities, including real-time communication tools and seamless integration of virtual and in-person event elements.
We integrated advanced data analytics and security features, ensuring robust performance. Extensive testing was conducted to identify and fix any bugs, ensuring a seamless user experience.
We deployed the platform, providing continuous monitoring and support. Ongoing optimization ensured the platform's scalability and reliability, adapting to the evolving needs of hybrid events.

The value

Revolutionizing Hybrid Events

Nubis bridges the gap between virtual and in-person events, enhancing participant engagement and accessibility. This innovation allows global connections, democratizing access to events and fostering worldwide interaction.

Enhancing Event Management

Nubis offers powerful tools for efficient event management and analysis. Advanced data analytics provide insights for personalized experiences, while robust security ensures participant safety, setting a new standard for hybrid events.

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