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LIBRUM - Web 3.0 Platform for Multi-Level Education
Digital Educational platform Librum, a comprehensive learning solution, was meticulously crafted by our agency from inception to execution.

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2020, Top-3 Web-Startups for Education

The Platform

From interactive courses tailored to diverse learning styles to personalized learning paths that adapt to individual progress
Librum empowers learners to engage with content at their own pace

The Challenge

The challenge in creating the Digital Educational platform Librum involved developing a user-friendly interface that supports diverse learning styles, integrating real-time feedback mechanisms, and ensuring scalability to accommodate a growing user base while maintaining high performance and security standards.

The Solution

Our solution focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user interface to accommodate diverse learning preferences.

We integrated real-time feedback features to boost engagement and developed the platform with scalability and security in mind, ensuring it can efficiently support an expanding user base without compromising performance or data protection.


We started by designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, conducting user testing to ensure it effectively meets the needs of various learning styles and provides an engaging experience.
We incorporated advanced real-time feedback mechanisms, enabling immediate user interaction and support, which enhances engagement and facilitates continuous learning.
We implemented robust scalability solutions and stringent security protocols, ensuring the platform can handle a growing number of users while maintaining high performance and safeguarding user data.

The value

Personalized Learning Experience

Our development of the Librum platform provides users with a personalized learning experience. The intuitive interface and adaptive learning paths cater to individual needs, making education more engaging and effective.

Enhanced Engagement and Support

With real-time feedback and interactive features, the Librum platform enhances user engagement. This immediate support helps learners stay motivated and achieve their educational goals more efficiently.

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