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Your brand identity is the most powerful tool in building credibility. If it’s going to drive brand awareness, it needs to be distinctive. We’ll work with you to develop, position and manage your image

Why do you need
Brand Identity?

Brand identity design is all about first impressions. You are evaluated through your branding. Not only your potential customers, but also potential employees, partners, suppliers, investors, the market and society as a whole.
But unlike a live seller, the brand works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
"Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.»
Jeff Bezos,
CEO of Amazon
"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Your brand identity serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control.»
Warren Buffett,
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
"Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.»
Sir Richard Branson,
Founder of Virgin Group

A Great Branding &
Identity means

Your brand has values & personality
Your brand has a clear identity, it wins the trust of the audience with its attractiveness and is relevant
You stand out
among competitors
Your product stands out from the competition, you have sufficiently emphasized its unique features
Your brand is positioned correctly
You've correctly positioned your brand in a crowded or highly specialized market and have an influence on its perception
Our Approach

Here at Speka ,
our task is to create understanding in the eyes of your clients.

For customers, the things they value the most may not only be the products or services an organisation offers, but also the experience. However, some businesses place greater emphasis on products or services while ignoring the experience.

With 60% of customers having switched providers due to poor customer interaction, it’s clear that business cannot afford to make this mistake. Now is the time for your business to realign to focus on the customer experience and convey the true meaning of your brand to clients.

Our Process

Step 1 10 hours
Discovery -people

We believe helping brands better identify and connect with their ideal audience begins with a human connection. A big part of what we do, even before we begin, is getting to know brands and the humans steering the ship. That’s what makes us different. We don’t think you can really understand a brand via e-mail and slack. We prefer an actual conversation, preferably over coffee and sweet bread.

Step 1.2 10 hours
Discovery - soul

Through a workshop-based process we work with the client to define the Brand’s DNA. At the heart of Brand DNA is the brand promise or core idea. The brand promise is what drives a brand – an internal statement that captures the brand’s central organising thought. A brand promise should be sustainable over an extended period of time.

Further definition is provided through a set of distinctive brand attributes. Too often brand values are merely ‘corporate speak’ – values that one could rightly expect to find in any successful, sustainable business eg. innovation, integrity, teamwork etc. Clearly there is nothing unique or distinctive about these values – they are baseline values. Brand attributes can be both tangible or intangible and may reflect the personal or organisational aspects of the brand.

Step 1.3 10 hours
Discovery - business requirements

We explore and collect all the information about your project, your target audience and their motivation. We clearly formulate the objectives of the project and the technical requirements for the final result – such that it is convenient for you to use it. After which we search for insights and trends that could be used to address your needs. To develop a better concept, we draw up a complete picture of the brand’s competitive environment and adjust the direction of our implementation to the task of being better than the current number one.

Step 2 50 hours
Development - primary

With the conclusions of the research, we build concepts that represent the essence of the brand, and define visual territories that will be the base for the design. We develop different visual system proposals, until we achieve the one that represents your brand the best. To generate an image among target demos, the logo, or rather text/image branding, has to be embedded in an appropriate design context: from business cards, letterheads and invoicing templates, compliment cards and brochures to labels and packaging as well as all spatial solutions, e.g. in the form of a pathfinding system. A dynamic image, self-consistent and properly applied, can visually anchor communications with the observer and develop it further.

Step 2.2 80 hours
Development - deep

As stated above, authenticity in branding is vital. In other words: Behaviour = Brand = Reputation. “Living” the brand is the responsibility of every employee and the brand should inform and influence all aspects of an organisation including: Recruitment, Learning & Development, Remuneration, Policies & Procedures, Operations, Marketing, Product Development, Finance, Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility. For this reason deep branding is often used as a company management tool.

Step 3 10 hours

A successful brand is not only well known, but also understood. While organizational awareness is certainly important, it is unlikely to translate into a meaningful relationship with the target audience if it is not accompanied by an understanding of an organization’s ultimate purpose or function. We work with our clients to gauge not just how many people can identify an organization by name, but what associations exist with their brand. We work to create a passionate connection between the consumer and the organization or product itself. Through our various research approaches we help our clients understand not just the awareness of their brand but how to move people from being consumers to becoming brand loyalists.

Step 4 10 hours

We believe branding is an ever-evolving process and requires maintenance and continued support. So, we build relationships with our clients to support them as they grow and their needs change.

Ordering Branding &
Identity service from us,

Transparent Terms of Work
Contract with guarantees and obligations.
Constant Feedback
Daily reporting in a convenient messenger.
Individual Design
No template solutions, everything is custom.
Training for Use
Detailed briefing upon handover.
Support and Warranty
We support our works with no expiration date.

Specific services of
the Branding &
Identity category

Corporate Identity ?
Corporate identity is a comprehensive image and style of a company, encompassing elements such as a logo, colors, graphic design, and the way it communicates with the public. It plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining brand recognition and establishing its market positioning.
Logo ?
The face of a company. Logo design is not art – instead logo design needs to be treated as a strategic business tool that will allow a company to be identified in the vast world we live in.
Branding ?
Branding is the process of creating and managing a unique brand image, which includes defining its values, market positioning, and communication strategies to establish distinctiveness and appeal to consumers.
Rebranding ?
Strategic process of reviewing and changing a brand's image or identity with the aim of refreshing its positioning, attracting a new audience, or restoring competitiveness in the market.
Brandbooks ?
A brand book is a document that contains all the rules and standards for using elements of corporate identity to ensure consistency and recognition of the brand in all its communications and materials.
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