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Relocation of the Main Office from Zaporizhia to Kyiv
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Chuloy Danil - Co-Founder & Business Manager

Why the Relocation?

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in the country, many businesses have had to make a complex decision: either remain in regions where combat poses a threat to employees and business operations or seek safer locations. Speka has chosen to prioritize safety and a secure working environment.

The relocation of the main office from Zaporizhia to Kyiv was initiated to ensure the stable functioning of the company during this crisis, preserve the jobs of our employees, and provide them with a secure place to work and live.

Employee Safety as a Top Priority:

Employees are a precious asset to Speka, and their safety is always at the forefront of the company’s concerns. The move to Kyiv will guarantee greater security and confidence in the future for our employees. It will also ensure business process continuity, allowing our clients to continue to enjoy the high-quality services provided by Speka.

Business Process Optimization:

The relocation is accompanied by a review and optimization of the company’s business processes. Speka will continue to operate at full capacity, delivering high-quality services to our clients, despite the transfer of the main office.

Community and Responsibility:

Speka has always valued its involvement in the Ukrainian business community. We view it as our duty to support the country’s economy and create job opportunities. We are confident that relocating to Kyiv will enable us to maintain our commitment to Ukraine and contribute to the country’s development, even in these challenging times.

Russian military near the Ukrainian border. January 2022
The central square of Kharkiv after the Russian shelling. March 2022


The relocation of Speka Web Agency’s main office from Zaporizhia to Kyiv is an integral part of our company’s strategy to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuity of business processes amidst the ongoing conflict. We are certain that this decision will allow us to maintain our reliability and service quality and uphold our commitment to Ukraine, despite the challenging times we are facing.

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