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CLOS19 - The Taste of Classics
We collaborated with CLOS19 to create captivating web pages highlighting their premium wine offerings, delivering an engaging online experience.

E-Commerce, Essen
Websites & Digital Platforms
Jahr & Auszeichnungen
2023, Europe Premium section design

The Client

Offers a diverse portfolio of over 300 wine selections. Collaborated with 20+ prestigious wineries. Curated 100+ exclusive wine tasting events.
We believe in transforming moments into unforgettable experiences, one sip at a time, as we curate the finest wines for discerning connoisseurs.

The Challenge

The challenge for in programming new selling pages for top brands on the CLOS19 website using SalesForce code lie in seamlessly integrating complex e-commerce functionalities while ensuring a user-friendly experience and maintaining brand consistency across all pages.

The Solution

The solution involves leveraging SalesForce’s robust e-commerce capabilities to develop dynamic selling pages for CLOS19’s top brands. The web agency implements custom-coded solutions to seamlessly integrate product listings, interactive features, and checkout processes.

Rigorous testing and optimization ensure smooth functionality and an intuitive user experience, enhancing customer engagement and sales.

Conduct a detailed analysis of CLOS19's top brands' selling page requirements, including desired features, layout preferences, and integration needs with SalesForce.
Develop custom SalesForce code to implement the specified features, such as product listings, interactive elements, and checkout processes, ensuring compatibility with CLOS19's branding and design guidelines.
Thoroughly test the implemented solution to ensure seamless functionality, compatibility across devices, and adherence to quality standards. Deploy the new selling pages to the CLOS19 website.

Our Impact

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Our development of separate pages for CLOS19's top brands has significantly enhanced their online visibility. By creating customized pages tailored to each brand's identity, we've ensured that customers can easily find and engage with their favorite products, resulting in increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Improved Sales Performance

The implementation of dedicated pages for CLOS19's top brands has led to a tangible improvement in sales performance. Through enhanced user experience and streamlined purchasing processes, we've facilitated smoother transactions and increased conversion rates, ultimately driving revenue growth and boosting the bottom line for CLOS19.

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