A Human approach that’s good for business
We treat every software project we take on as our own because our client’s success fuels our success. That’s how we become friends with our clients.

At our web agency in Kyiv, our mission is to ensure that every business reaches ist full digital potential.

We start with ideas – yours and ours. But before we write a single line of code, we take the time to truly understand three things: Your business. Your user. Your measures of success.

And then we get to work, building data rich experiences that provide us with constinuous learnings that will power your business growth.

As a small Kyiv digital agency, we pride ourselves on the close, consultative relationships that we foster with our clients. We care deeply about our projects and we always ensure that the digital services and products that are delievered are high-quality, high-performing and will serve our clients for years to come.

Speka is a company with deep Ukrainian roots
Sincerely, MICHAEL and Daniel

All our team members are Ukrainian & are proud of it! We won’t mince words, these are challenging times. We are facing Russian aggression & fighting for values that so many people around the worlds hold dear.

We’re also regular people who need to work. And while the best businessmen in the county contiue to improve their software, part of the domestic market has shrunk. We see this as an opportunity. We have a lot to offer the world.

For fair money, you will hire a team that will find creative solutions to your business challenges & implement cutting-edge tech. We are also resistant to external circumstances and will bring the project to the desired result in schedule. Even in critical conditions. Just like we did in the 1st month of the war, when we installed the Internet in the shelter in order to deliver work to customers on time.

So if our services are of interest to you, then let’s get acquainted and find out if we are a good fit!

KEy principles
that we value
the most

Being good to work with
Be nice. Be optimistic. Be supportive. Treat tough problems as interesting challenges. Be critical, not cynical. Thatät the attitude we bring to our work every day, because we tkink you should feel supported by the people you work with. How we treat each other makes us better as software creators.
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Being honest and clear
We talk, write, design and code in a clear way, so that information is always accessible.
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Being responsible at all times
Everyone has their own talents and duties, and we deliver them in the best possible way.
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Constantly seeking an unfair advantage
The difference between a brand that makes it and one that burns is that behind every story of success is an unfair advantage.
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Staying humble
Together we aim for the moon, but we do so with both feet on the ground and a big dose of humor.
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Enjoying the ride
We share a true passion for tech. We create first-class software that’s fast, efficient and ready to scale because we want to be proud of our work.
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In fact, we are
a kind of family

The story of the founders’ friendship began a long time ago when their parents went to school togerher. Since then they have climbed many mountains shoulder to shoulder and gone through various adventures. But this story is for another time...
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