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Gradolit - The Eastern Ukraine Concrete
We've partnered with Gradolit to revamp their brand identity for the next decade and create a new interactive website with a wide range of product offerings, focusing on enhancing customer communication.

Construction, Manufacturing
Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Platforms
Year & Awards
2020, Web Awards - Honorable Construction Website

The Client

Over 20 years of industry expertise. Produced 1 million+ tons of high-quality concrete. Trusted by top construction firms nationwide.
At Gradolit, sustainability isn't just a trend, it's our commitment to the future and cornerstone for progress.

The Challenge

The challenge lay in translating Gradolit’s decades-long legacy of excellence in concrete production into a digital experience that captures their expertise, reliability, and commitment to sustainability.

Balancing technical specifications with user-friendly design, we aim to showcase their innovation while ensuring seamless accessibility for a diverse clientele.

The Solution

Speka web agency crafts Gradolit’s website with a holistic strategy, prioritizing user experience and sustainability.

Through in-depth research, we ensure intuitive navigation, responsive design, and strategic content placement, empowering Gradolit to showcase expertise and foster trust, reinforcing its industry leadership.

Our Impact

Digital Transformation

Through our collaboration, Gradolit's website became a cornerstone, amplifying their industry influence. Enhanced user experience and dynamic content presentation solidified Gradolit's position as a leader in sustainable concrete production.

Transformative Partnership

Our collaboration resulted in a visually captivating website, showcasing Gradolit's expertise and commitment to sustainability. The platform's accessibility and strategic content placement drove growth, reinforcing Gradolit's industry leadership.

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